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"The best resource for podcasts"

The ones who act early and provide real value are destined to succeed. Just remember, audio and voice are by far the most natural interface for humans to interact. We like to speak and listen.

Gary Vaynerchuk




Our complete list of podcasts are below. More podcasts will be added as we announce new members. 




The REAL Disrupt Podcast collaborative is a collection of podcast shows that are connected to the Real Estate & Lending community. 

Some shows have topics that are for others in our industry, some shows are concentrated in business, and others are focused on their local community. 


The common denominator is that we have all come from the Real Estate & Lending industry to collaborate and to serve the right audience, you. 

Our network is open to all in the industry, regardless of your topic or audience size. We want podcasts hosts that are passionate about leveraging the power of voice and who want to serve their audiences. 

Our mission is to be a resource for new podcast hosts and help build the audiences of existing podcasts host. We will advise and guide you in every facet of your podcast. 

We believe that the REAL disruption for our industry needs to come from within, by bringing people together who are like minded, willing to help, and are already breaking the traditional mold of what we do in this industry. 



Jason Frazier, Founder / frazier@marketinginterrupt.com
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